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Who I am:

Hello there! My name is Nisan (no, not like the car) and it’s nice to meet you! I’m an award-winning professional Customer Service Representative (CSR) that’s been in the game for awhile. Time flies when you’re having fun! I live in the Midwest and have worked for some interesting companies along the way.

The Purpose of This Blog:

After doing some research on Customer Service blogs on the internet, I realized there were a ton of them out there, but not many that acted as a haven for the multitude of reps in the business. As CSR’s, we not only need a place to go where we can get advice and tips on our field, but also a place where we can feel comfortable to share our experiences and pass on valuable information to others. That my friends is the purpose of this blog.

My Customer Service Background:

My very first CSR position was with one of the best companies you could ever work for, IBM Corporation. I was with them for seven years and credit them for helping me to realize the passion that I have within for helping others. They recognized my potential and not only taught me the basics of Customer Service, but helped me to excel into a leader position. My career has been a ride ever since. Over the years, I’ve dipped my toes into everything from tech support, to insurance and health benefits. Each new position was a fun adventure that I could add to my repertoire. I like to think of myself as an eclectic CSR which definitely has its benefits in this field.

The Goal of the CSR Helpline:

My main goal of this blog is to be a retreat for other CSR’s. Often customers (and maybe in some cases even employers) don’t realize the stress that we can endure on a daily basis. This can lead to a CSR feeling unappreciated. Just as children don’t realize that their parents are actual people with feelings, customers are similar. Their main concern when they call is to fix a problem they’re having. So common courtesies such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ go out the window. Oftentimes an irate caller makes their way to our line and it’s our job to diffuse the anger and end the conversation on a positive note. That’s not an easy thing to do, and to be able to conquer that feat makes us superheroes! If you’ve ever experienced anything like that, please feel free to share it with the rest of us, or even give pointers to help with such situations.

In addition, I’d like this blog to assist us in being able to network with one another. I really love the thought of being able to talk with my fellow CSR’s, listening to your stories and suggestions and giving my own input. If you guys would ever like to talk or you have something to say, feel free to shoot a message to I can’t wait to hear from you!

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