BUILDING RAPPORT TIP 1 – Inject Energy & Enthusiam

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BUILDING RAPPORT TIP 1 – Inject Energy & Enthusiam

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So in my last post, rapport was one of the skills that I mentioned was necessary for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to possess. The next posts that I’ll be sharing with you will discuss tips in how to build rapport with customers. There will be 10 pointers in all, the first being…


You ever notice how being around people with lively personalities somehow seems to infect you? It’s as if they exude energy and their positive effect rubs off on you. As CSR’s, we need to infuse that kind of energy into each and every call that we take. How? Well there are a few things that you can do to let customers know that you’re lively, present, and that their call is important to you.


It’s hard to believe, but even though people can’t physically see you, they can feel your attitude. Smiling while speaking changes the way your voice sounds and affects the way customers feel when they converse with you. You should try it sometime. Even if you’re not the happiest on any given particular day, smiling when talking relaxes your face and gives your voice a lighter, happier sounding tone. It really makes a big difference.


The way your voice sounds, in regards to pitch and tone, is important when interacting with customers. On the telephone, your voice accounts for 84 percent of your effectiveness. That’s why if you want to come across as interested and energized, even intelligent, you must be mindful of the inflection in your voice. Using the right inflection gives your words meaning and can cause a person to pay attention and listen. For example, a monotone voice conveys boredom. But a higher-pitched and confident voice says, “I’m enthusiastic about this call.”

Give Service with Enthusiasm

A couple of months ago, I contacted Staples to talk to customer service regarding their cloud print service.  I was anticipating bad service, or at least an aggravated rep on the line due to the hour.  Their store had just opened and it was Monday morning.  To my surprise, a woman answered the phone that almost seemed jovial!  She was bright, attentive and awake.  Her words seemed to flow out of her mouth with a sing-songy tone.  Who knows, maybe it was because it was during the holiday season, but whatever it was, I couldn’t help but smile at how happy she seemed to be.  Not only that, she answered my questions thoroughly, making sure to ask if there was anything else I needed.  She gave me her name and made me feel welcomed.  She really made an impression on me.  I mean, it’s March and I haven’t forgotten her yet.  Now that’s what I call great service!

Enthusiasm is a contagious emotion and its important for your customer to feel and hear that you have it.  Be sure to put your enthusiasm on display when you first began speaking with the customer. Whether you’re talking on the phone, emailing or participating in live chat with a client, your level of enthusiasm can be detected. If you’re speaking, be aware of the tone of voice that you’re using. Do you sound engaged and really interested in giving assistance?

Asking probing questions enthusiastically during your conversation lets customers see that you value their business and helps you to build an ongoing relationship with them.

Lastly, be sure to end all of your calls on a positive note and really be sincere when thanking them for their call and service. Customers aren’t clueless, and they actually know when someone is being genuine with them. Be sure to really care, and with enthusiasm ask them if there is anything else that you can do for them.

From my own personal experience, I’m pretty sure that if you put these tips into effect, it will help you get well on your way to building a lasting relationship with your customers.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” — Jeff Bezos, CEO of

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